Speaking for the First Live TEDx Guam!

Last month, I was honored to be invited to be one the first four speakers for the first live TEDx event for Guam, alongside Guam’s first lady Christine Calvo, congresswoman Madeline Bordallo, and owner of Bank of Guam, Lou Leon Guerrero. I was so nervous, to be alongside top women leaders in our community, and to be involved in TEDx! I love watching TED talks, so I definitely felt some pressure to do a good job.

The thing is, when I was invited, I was pretty much leaving immediately to Bali, and would have to speak a couple days after I would return. I knew I didn’t have time to really prepare, so I decided that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, and would show up to speak from my heart. I shared my story about how creativity saved my life, and how it continues to do so. I went there with some of the dark points, and highlighted the positive points.

This was such an amazing opportunity and experience, and I will be sharing as soon as the video is approved and released!

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