Being Here AND There: The Beauty of Transition

Sooo… I usually do NOT like the word transition. Feeling in limbo can be so uncomfortable, as if we are neither here nor there. I’ve felt this MANY times in my life. Wanting to feel solid, HOME, clear and yet feeling that uncertain floatiness (technical term here) and oh the waiting! Well, I want to share with you how I’ve found the beauty of transition, and how to not panic when in limbo.

When we are in transition, we are not “neither here nor there,” we are actually here AND there! We exist, its very real, we just aren’t solid on either side. Let’s take the very tangible example of moving from one home to another. Maybe you aren’t sure what your situation is going to look like. Say you have to sell your current home and its all happening at the same time you are trying to buy another. The uncertainty of whether things will go smoothly or timely, having to pack all your stuff, but not being able to pack everything because you aren’t exactly sure when you are moving, etc… all of this “in between”ness can drive any one of us nuts!

The finished product wouldn't be as satisfying if it happened automatically, without experiencing the transitions from an image in your mind, to a beginning of something on a canvas, to a full-texture colorful painting.

Here’s the thing though. The whole point is to enjoy our journey. What fun is it fulfilling our desires if we are overwhelmed with fear before we get there? We do have the choice to ENJOY the transition. The anticipation that builds before our desires come into physical manifestation, that is part of the exhilaration that keeps us moving forward in life! If we didn’t anticipate and look forward to things from where we are, we’d probably never  get there, because our desire wouldn’t be strong enough to propel us forward.

There IS beauty in transition. While we are here, we are holding this vision of “there.” And in order to get “there” we must appreciate “here.” Think of all the things that you can be grateful for about your current circumstances. Think of all that it took for you to get to where you are now. Think of all the blessings of where you are, even if that means that where you are now feels so horrible that it has propelled you to move toward something better. THAT is a blessing, even though it almost never feels like one in the moment. Everything is a catalyst, another step into our life journey. Nothing is an accident.

The key to happiness is appreciating and acknowledging where you have been and where you are, and joyfully anticipating where you are going. It is being willing to let go of things that are no longer aligned with your vision, your values, your TRUTH. It is trusting that when you courageously let go of those things, your path will open up to new opportunities. It is knowing that there is no true ending to anything. Everything is constantly moving, changing, evolving.

Life is transition. Lets enjoy the experience and live it full-on. The uncertainty is part of the grand mystery. Its what keeps us interested in life. We are here AND there. And it is beautiful. Fear is simply excitement without the breath. So remember to breathe through this exciting journey!

Love you all!