My Two Secrets to Living a Joyful Life

Sneak peak of my latest painting! Many more layers to be added, and the finished painting will look quite different form this photo...stay tuned!

Life has been both simple and wonderful lately. So much magic to be found, manifestations abound, things are simply flowing. Sure, there are challenges and hiccups that throw me off track at times, but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve for handling those. 

The number one secret that has kept me “on track” and feeling good, has been focusing on Solutions, not problems. Problems are easy to find, see, notice, and complain about. Let the awareness of solutions be your default, and you’ll feel less inclined to wallow. Let “problems” be opportunities. A joyful challenge, if you dare. Be curious in anticipation of what pieces the universe will gather together to solve your latest “issue.” Go complaint-free! and then begin creating solutions for now and beyond

I’m starting to really feel the ripple effect in my life from the time I began to really implement more positive practices in my life toward living ON PURPOSE. And the purpose is to come alive and experience the joy of life, including the “opportunities.”

There have been so many awkward and uncomfortable moments in the past couple of years while I regained my footing in my life. When I made the commitment to JOY, I no idea where it would take me, and let me tell you my friends, it is SOOOOOOOOO worth it. It is worth the uncertainty, the uncomfortable transitions, and the challenges that test our faith. Commit to JOY! So what if we have “ebb” times when we are down for a while, it doesn’t matter, because when we are committed to joy, it always comes back.

During our down time, it is so important to nourish ourselves, to replenish our energy in whatever way we feel best able. To have patience, and continue to look for the magic that is around us, within us. To trust, or have faith.

My other number one secret to living joyfully is to PRACTICE LIVING JOYFULLY. What a concept! What does a joyful life look like for you? Imagine yourself feeling at peace in your heart, imagine yourself saying “man, life is good, I’m grateful to be living it,” what images come up? For me, the images are of me creating art, being in nature, enjoying time with my family, creating a rhythm in my household living and learning, connecting with people, and creating a positive world. And these images come up for me, because I have memories of experiencing joy while living out similar images. What we each think of as a joyful life will depend on what memories we have of experiencing joy.  

Life is an accumulation of our thoughts and experiences. And as a former cynicist/pessimist, I can tell you confidently that we DO have a choice as to what we accumulate. Practice what you want to accumulate. Practice feeling good about life. Practice enjoying life, appreciating life. Participate in your life, on purpose. Don’t let life be something that happens to you. You are worth your time and commitment. Commit to joy!

 With love,