Creating Solutions for Now & Beyond

My Word of the Year is Solutions. When I chose this word, I knew I’d be opening myself up to new opportunities. When I see or think the word Solutions, my brain automatically begins attracting one! Think about it, when you simply complain about some issue, you are focusing on the problem. By giving it your attention, explaining how bad this thing or person or situation felt and feeling defeated, you hand your power over. You are saying “this problem is more important than what I want” without even realizing it.

When you encounter something that does not feel good at all and gives you the urge to call and vent to an unsuspecting friend, try saying the word SOLUTIONS. Take a breather and pause. Say it again. SOLUTIONS. Solutions. Solutions? Solutions! 

Even if a tangible solution doesn’t show up in that moment, you are already shifting your awareness to the vibration of what you want. What do I mean by that? I mean that just by turning your attention, your thoughts, your creative power toward what you really want, you begin creating it. You can’t get to a destination without traveling a path. The first step in the direction you want to go is key. It may not feel like much, but just because you took the first step, you are creating momentum. You find a rhythm eventually, but you first have to begin. Begin with one thought. SOLUTIONS. 

When I committed to going Complaint-Free, I had no choice but to open up to solutions. Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks, puts it very succinctly in this passage about talking about your problems:

It should only be talked about if the talking will make you feel better. It is of no value, ever, to activate and talk about something that doesn’t feel good, because it reactivates it in your vibration; it makes it another point of your point of attraction so you’re less clear.

In other words, when you focus upon the problems of others, you diminish your ability to help them. People believe that you’ve got to focus upon the problem in order to find a solution. And we say, no solution ever comes forth – it’s never inspired; you never recognize it, and you are never able to facilitate or achieve it – from your place of focusing on the problem. They are two entirely different vibrations. If you have someone who has many things going wrong and one thing going right, beat the drum of what’s going right, and let that be your point of attraction. If you focus upon their problems, you achieve vibrational harmony with something other than the Source that gives you solution.

— Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in San Diego, CA on Saturday, August 23rd, 2003 # 349

I definitely feel the difference between complaining and releasing. When expressing something to be released, I usually talk about what challenges I had, and what positive sides there were. I have a personal agreement with myself that if I complain about something, I will at least say in my mind: Solutions. And sometimes, saying that is enough to shift me toward what WORKS instead of what doesn’t.

Ultimately we want to feel better right? We complain because we think it makes us feel better. We put it out there so it doesn’t feel so weighted on us.

What we don’t realize is that by simply considering the possibility of a solution, we are actually beginning to create one. And THAT brings good feelings that I can’t describe. Its a priceless experience. I continually ask myself “What do I want?” “What do I reeeaaally truly deep-down-under-it-all want to feel?”

In 2012 and beyond, I am creating solutions that I am not even consciously aware of yet. And what fun it will be experiencing it all unfold!

Stay tuned for awesomeness. 

With curious joy,