How I Heal Myself Through Art & Creation, Without Even Realizing it!

metallicjungle6Each of us has darker aspects of our personalities. I know I do. There is value to EVERY part of one’s personality, and problems really only occur when we are out of balance, when we are out of touch with our Source–our Truth–and those “dark” parts take hold. Art and creating, of any form, has the potential to heal by providing balance. Let me explain.

There is power in creation. As humans, I think we seek control wherever we can find it, and sometimes we choose to control in destructive ways. When we consciously choose to create, we are using the illusion of control for “good.” I say illusion, because I don’t believe we are ever truly in control, at least not the way we imagine ourselves to be. Parents who exercise control over their children by telling them what they can and cannot do, feel in control, but it is only an illusion. We were once those “controlled” children, but the whole time we actually had our own version of control, plotting how we’d live our lives once we were out of our parents’ control. And now here we are.

When we create on purpose, when we say “I am going to do this!” and feel good about our choices, then we feel that sense of “control.” At the same time, it is when we LET GO of control that we can feel true power. When we allow ourselves to flow with what comes our way, WHILE moving forward purposefully creating the things we WANT in our lives, we experience the sweet spot of empowerment. We can ENJOY our life!

So how does this relate to creating art? Well, creating art is versatile and dynamic. We are purposefully creating something (putting paint on a canvas, writing lyrics to a song, editing a movie, building a house, whatever!), while also allowing the flow of the creation. Allowing any challenges to become triumphs, or water under the bridge.

This is all healing because it is MOVEMENT. Look at the big picture, even the laziest among us cannot keep still in our thoughts, our desires. We only experience creative paralysis when we fear losing control, when we fear uncertainty. Movement and creation TRUMP fear. Every time. There is love in movement and creation, whether we feel it or not. And fear cannot exist in our heart and mind at the same time as love. They may alternate, but if we can choose to keep moving (and this doesn’t necessarily mean physically…because choosing to rest and be still is also creating something, its creating peace in our mind and bodies) more often than not, then we are more likely to fulfill our true life purpose.

When I am in a rut and just “not feeling it,” I paint anyway. Just keep moving. One step at a time. And sooner or later, because I kept moving, I move out of the rut. Often I don’t even realize it! I look back at this trail of creation and can’t believe how stuck I felt before choosing to move forward. To say “so what” to my fears and do it anyway. The empowerment that comes from this purposeful movement forward is priceless.

So go forth and CREATE the things that you want in your life. Take one step forward, no matter if its an inch or a leap.

Just keep moving. Keep intending, deciding and re-deciding. Evolve in your desires. Keep creating. The world needs your creations. YOU need your creations.

Love you all!