Creation Spotlight: Gold and Blue Spiral Painting

When I got back into painting in 2008, I started by creating a spiral, with one color. I needed the simplicity at the time, as painting with two babies to care for wasn’t easy to do. I gave myself permission to keep things really simple by starting with one color, one motion. It turned into a sort of meditation, and every piece was a very personal experience for me. Shoutouts to all my wise-woman peeps who fell in love with my work and invested in pieces of their own from me. From time to time, I come back to painting spirals. They bring me a lot of peace and joy. Here is the latest spiral piece, with my favorite color combination, turquoise and gold, with lots of earthy metallics woven into and over the color layers. I actually created this piece to go along with a photoshoot I recently did. This piece is available for sale, it is 24″x30″ acrylic on stretched canvas. Email if you are interested in purchasing.