Creative Indeed Guam Art Studio Grand Opening

Grand Opening mission complete! Thank you to everyone that was able to stop by, and thank you to everyone who was there in spirit too. Opening this studio has been a 6-month long journey, and so worth it! Here are photos of the Grand Opening:

img_7174 img_7170 img_6986 img_7209 img_7188 img_7179 img_7177 img_6989 img_7205 img_7198 img_7191 img_7181 img_7178 img_7176 img_7010 img_7189 img_7207 img_7203 img_7190 img_7033 img_7032 img_7026 img_7021 img_7202 img_7201 img_7187 img_7175 img_7063 img_7036 img_7186 img_7183 img_7083 img_7077 img_7075 img_7065 img_7192 img_7184 img_7182 img_7112 img_7110 img_7102 img_7090 img_7210 img_7204 img_7180 img_7133 img_7125 img_7185 img_7169 img_7167 img_7160 img_7147 img_7143