King’s Restaurant Guam Commission Artworks

I recently completed a commission project for the newly renovated King’s Restaurant in Tamuning, Guam. I created two large artworks, each 48″x48″ latte stones, one in pieces on the ground, and one standing upright, both in jungle background settings. Here are photos of the process from start to finish:

img_2738 img_2740 img_2741 img_2743

img_2746 img_2749 img_2765 img_2766 img_2768

img_2782 img_2774 img_3833 img_3747 img_3834

img_2813 img_2817 img_3641 img_3780

img_3842 img_3838 img_5953 img_5959

img_4258 img_5362 img_5363 img_4801 img_4781

img_5562 img_5563 img_4849 img_5595 img_5346 img_5596

img_5344 img_5349 img_5347 img_5796 img_5795 img_5924 img_5921 img_5952 img_6110 img_5954 img_5905 img_6142 img_6259 img_6262 img_6136