Creative Session: The Healing Power of Art

Hafa adai! This weekend I had the special honor of leading a Creative Session focusing on the healing power of art. Art has a natural way of being healing, simply through the act of creating. The creative process is something that happens in everyday life… You have an idea, or see something inspiring. You have a desire to connect with it by capturing the moment somehow, through memory, photo, or recreating it in some other way. You begin to move, with your mind, body, or paintbrush, creating something new. You may experience an array of emotions: excitement, doubt, anxiety, hope, joy, peace, fear, uncertainty, relief.

Everyone experiences art in their own unique way, just like life in general. I stand by my motto: Just keep creating.

It is a moving process, just like life. There is no definitive beginning or end, just a continual expansion and evolution. As you continue to create, you find more meaning and depth just as you do in life. You begin to trust your creative process, as you move through intense emotions and come out the other side okay. Facing fears in art and creativity is just like facing fears in everyday life. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and move that brush, trusting that whatever you create is exactly what is meant to be, and that you can always continue to create anew.

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