Dinana Famalao’an: A Gathering of Women (New Moon Circle on Guam)

I love how the circle is actually a spiral, perfect.

I am pleased to announce that Dinana Famalao’an (which means “a gathering of women” in Chamorro), is hosting a women’s circle every month (new moon) here on Guam. The first one, called “New Beginnings,” was held this past Saturday at UOG, and I attended with my mom. We absolutely loved it. We hosted the refreshments for this round, via Nuts & Grains (my mom’s health food store). Yolanda Bordallo, Valerie Simonsen, Rena Calvo, and many other women planned and organized the event, and I am so grateful that they have!

We enjoyed time to sit and chat, and then we listened as Valerie talked to remind us that we are all one, and gave visual demonstrations of the relationship between the sun, earth, moon, stars, and our overall wellbeing. Rena Calvo then led us through a series of “sacred movements” as we went from sitting, breathing, then free-flowing movement from the ground up. We stretched, danced, and breathed some more. It felt really good, and my body was thanking me, especially since I’d been getting over being sick. We sang, and also listened to the beautiful voice of Primitiva Muna, as she graced us with spiritual/earth/goddess- based songs accompanied by her ukelele and guitar.

Afterward, we ate the refreshments, and then were invited to attend the UOG Planetarium show called “New Beginnings,” where Pam Eastlik gave her presentation on the current cycle of astrology, and how it relates to us here on Guam as well.

Overall, I give the whole experience an A+ and look forward to the next one, which I believe is on February 10th (a Sunday?). I will be sure to keep you posted on the date/location. Don’t forget to check out the Creative Indeed Facebook page, where I give frequent updates on events, workshops, and latest art projects and works for sale.

You can also find Dinana Famalao’an on Facebook… there is a community page and you can also ‘friend request’ Dinana Famalao’an. Not sure if this photo album is public, but HERE is the link to photos from the first gathering.

Want more details? Here are the details from the first event page:

Dinaña’ Famålao’an
(Gathering of Women)


What does the SOLAR SYSTEM mean to us and for us?
How are we a microcosm of the Universe and what is our role in it?
How do we SHINE our LIGHT and remember our unique place in the world?

JOIN us in the first of the monthly gatherings of Dinaña’ Famålao’an
where women of all ages help each other make new wishes and plant the seeds of new beginnings on the new moon of
JANUARY 12, 2013
University of Guam Planetarium
Showtime: 4pm
4:15pm Opening/Welcoming
4:30pm Shaman and naturopath Dr Valerie Simonsen
will reflect on the spiritual significance of the solar system as it relates to our solar plexus
5:15pm Sacred Movement led by Reyna Calvo
6:00pm Refreshments
6:30pm Planetarium show hosted by Pam Eastlick.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to begin your New Year and New Life with deliberate intent and celebrate Dinaña’ Famålao’an.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a sweater/blanket and a pillow/mat to sit on. Fee: DONATIONS

PLEASE RSVP to Yolanda at 487 6063

The Moon orbits around Mother Earth every 28 days. On Jan 12, 2013, the Moon will be between the Earth and Sun. There is no reflection of the Sun’s light to the Earth thus creating the New Moon. A time of deep reflection of our own inner Sun (Truth).
The New Moon is the time when we “plant seeds”. Make new wishes. Begin anew. Make a change. A Full Moon is when we harvest the bounty from the seeds we plant on the New Moon.

The New Moon on this day is in Capricorn, prompting us to assess our capabilities and limitations, after a period of self-reflection during the Winter Solstice. It inspires us to strategize and be disciplined, to get organized in order to build and accomplish new goals for the new year. We synchronize our goals with those of the larger society as we move into the new Sun in Aquarius, when we dream big dreams for all of humanity.
On the physical level, this is a time to strengthen our bodies, build strong bones and teeth, so that we can successfully circulate and make new friends in the wider community.

We will be exploring the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Kepler 26 and more.
This entire Universe is a part of You!
Just as we reflect on the SOLAR SYSTEM, which is comprised of the sun and the planets held together by attraction and revolving around it, we will explore the SOLAR PLEXUS and the bodily organs around it.

The SOLAR SYSTEM revolves around the SUN, which is the center of it.
We want to remember that WE are STARS.

On this special day, we will begin our new relationships with our monthly ceremonies of strength, wisdom and peace.