Year-End Original Art Promo Before Prices Go Up!

Hafa adai beautiful people of the world (yes, YOU)! I have an amazing array of original art pieces (all acrylic paintings on stretched canvas) available for sale. You can view them at or you can also arrange with me to see them in person (contact info below).

I will be at the Holiday Craft Fair at Jeff’s Pirates Cove on Dec.13th, but people tend to snatch some of them up before then. Especially because I am celebrating my birthday on the 12th and having a special promo leading up to that day. What’s left will be sold at the fair.

As some of you know, I raise my prices every new year (so you also know your investment in my art increases in value every year!), and it is THAT TIME OF YEAR! Now is the time to claim a piece of your own if you’ve been holding off but eyeing a certain painting.

I am offering 20% off of all original finished artworks (does not include commission work) bought between now and December 13th.

Check it all out at and then send me a message on Facebook, Instagram, or the best way is to email me at or call (671)777-1284. Si Yu’us ma’ase and have a beautiful day! Happy art buying!