Latest Guam Adventures With Kids, Surf, Jungle Hikes & Miscellaneous Fun

November has been quite a month!!! Here are the adventures in a photo-recap, including Guam scenery at the beach, on a jungle/cave hike, the moon, my dog, the kids, surfing adventures, art adventures, women in business conference, food gatherings with friends, and miscellaneous selfies and fun:

IMG_5029 IMG_5045 IMG_5167 IMG_5660 IMG_5938 IMG_5990 IMG_6001 IMG_6009 IMG_6028 IMG_6138 IMG_6139 IMG_6154 IMG_6746 IMG_6747 IMG_6761 IMG_6781 IMG_6787 IMG_6797 IMG_6822 IMG_6835 IMG_6852 IMG_6856 IMG_6863 IMG_6867 IMG_6908 IMG_6926 IMG_6950 IMG_6973 IMG_6974 IMG_6997 IMG_7002 IMG_7013 IMG_7022 IMG_7031 IMG_7040 IMG_7071 IMG_7072 IMG_7073 IMG_7075 IMG_7077 IMG_7079 IMG_7080 IMG_7116 IMG_7125 IMG_7156