Exploring Downtown Asheville: Art, Food, Beer & Pretty Trees!

Amazing art, food, beer, and pretty trees! These are a few of my favorite things! My previous post included my reflections and pictures from the Uplevel Academy Gold business retreat that I attended last week. I got to town a few days early, so took advantage of that and explored all over downtown Asheville, and then the River Arts District as well (I have a separate post for that, and for my adventures at Jonas Gerard’s gallery and studio because I took so many freakin pictures). This town is SO awesome, I really love it and hope to return soon. I will let the photos do the talking:

IMG_6396 IMG_6397 IMG_6399 IMG_6401 IMG_6403 IMG_6407 IMG_6409 IMG_6412 IMG_6413 IMG_6414 IMG_6416 IMG_6419 IMG_6420 IMG_6421 IMG_6422 IMG_6423 IMG_6424 IMG_6426 IMG_6427 IMG_6428 IMG_6429 IMG_6430 IMG_6431 IMG_6433 IMG_6434 IMG_6435 IMG_6437 IMG_6438 IMG_6442 IMG_6443 IMG_6444 IMG_6446 IMG_6448 IMG_6449 IMG_6451 IMG_6452 IMG_6453 IMG_6456 IMG_6457 IMG_6458 IMG_6460 IMG_6462 IMG_6465 IMG_6466 IMG_6467 IMG_6475 IMG_6476 IMG_6477 IMG_6489 IMG_6491 IMG_6493 IMG_6496 IMG_6497 IMG_6499 IMG_6504 IMG_6511 IMG_6514 IMG_6516 IMG_6517 IMG_6518 IMG_6519