Great Tides of Change: Poem by a Friend

Golden Wave(Photo thanks to John Barber, an awesome local photographer here on Guam)

This poem was written by a friend during our last Creative Session. It didn’t have a title (yet?) but it reflects the changes that life brings, big and small, of all kinds of variety. It really spoke to me, and maybe it will for you too.


by Brandi Pratt


Life passes as waves upon the water.

Shimmering and ephemeral it travels on the wind.

Should we ride or should we wane

Should we really even bother.

Or should the glee of speed hold us close to the edge of experience.

Tipping over the lead of feeling. Of loving. Of hoping

Some lives fall soft upon the shore.

And some crash upon the reefs.

Some meld into the whole and some stand tall to bring awe or destruction.

Which are we. Which are you.

Each of us brining change small or large

through erosion and shaping or through dramatic floods of emotion.

Some come and go leaving only foam upon the sand,

but some, some bring great tides of change.