Latest artworks sold and their new homes

Recent artworks that have sold have gone to their new homes and owners, except for one, the Divine Wave. I’m thankful that my client was willing to let it have its moment to shine on MoSa’s wall for a little while. I put a lot of love and energy into that piece, and every once in awhile, it’s hard to let a newly finished piece go so soon.

The Sunlit Tree below (24″x30″) went to a dear friend named Cat, in Austin, Texas. An 8″x10″ abstract sunset piece called Golden Peace, went to the lovely Rosanna, who fell in love with it from her booth across mine at the Valley of the Latte Festival. The 16″x20″ Divine Mother was recreated from the original, and Greg is the lucky recipient of the very first re-creation of this image. He had his heart set on one of these the moment I painted the original.

Back to the Divine Wave, going to Jason, who also bought the 4-panel Latte Stone piece at the Latte Festival, as well as 2 commissioned Divine Mother paintings (starting soon). I teased him that not only is he an official Guam art collector, but he might have a bit of a problem. Just kidding, I really do appreciate that he connects with my work, and it motivates me to create more. Inspiration and appreciation are contagious, and I love the relationships I have with my clients!
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