Murals & Street Art on Guam

I’ve been gradually collecting and taking images of Guam’s local murals and street art, to showcase the more attractive walls and buildings on Guam. There are plenty of “eye sores” here on Guam, abandoned & dilapidated buildings, junk yards, and garbage, but I try to find the beauty instead. The art. And there is plenty of it if you are willing to look! Hopefully this will inspire people to create more purposeful art on Guam’s walls and buildings.

You can also check out PART 1 and PART 2 of the feature I did on Guam’s painted bus stops.

If you, your organization, business, group of friends or family, care to Adopt a bus stop or wall, here is the info you need:

Islandwide Beautification Task Force-
For more information, call Kathleen Tolosa at 475-9380 or email her at

More photos wanted!

If you see a painted bus stop on Guam, send your photos to or send Creative Indeed a message on Facebook.

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