Must-See Solace Exhibit Makes an Important Impact

The opening night of Solace was held on Friday, May 1st at the CAHA Gallery. The art exhibit was created by Rubyjane Buhain-Redila, owner of Java Hut Cafe, based on her experience in producing a local film called The Madam. The film depicts the realities of human-trafficking, and Ruby plays the lead role. I wrote a post that shared Ruby’s personal experience and story behind Solace and what urged her to create what turned out to be an impressive body of work. The pieces included in this exhibit are profound and moving. Ruby invited local artists to contribute to this exhibit, to include: Mar-Vic Cagurangan, Myracle Mugol, Michelle Pier, Joshua Agerstrand, John Bermudes, Jessica Rohr, Amber Word, Sirena Mafnas, Allyssandra Santamarino, and Jasmine Redila. I am missing a few pieces, but here are photos from the opening night:

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