My Everyday Magic: A simple ritual that yields profound happiness

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What are some things that you can feel good about right now? What have you felt good about before? What do you look forward to? What pleases you, makes you smile, or warms your heart? What are the best highlights of the day? The month? The year?  What is cool to think about? Who do you love? Where is your favorite spot in your home? Do you have pets that you enjoy? A favorite meal?

Let your senses go wild. Think of each one, like smell. What smells satisfy your olfactory glands? How about audio, what are some songs that really get you going? Is there anything funny that has happened recently in your life? What are your favorite physical activities? What do you see or love that is beautiful? What lights you up? What relaxes you? What brings you comfort? Joy?

Allow your awareness to open up to the magic around you, within you. Can you feel that it begins with noticing just one thing, and that it goes on infinitely from there? 

This is My Everyday Magic.

The Sparkle Fairy, creator of

I must credit my dearest faery soul-sister Kate for the name “My Everyday Magic.” Kate made the commitment to journal the everyday magic in her life, and soon decided that it was so powerful that it must be shared with the world.

Kate created the website to record and share her everyday magic via blogging. Readers are welcomed to comment and share their own magic on the daily posts. Inspiration didn’t stop there. Kate called on the support and creative forces of a few contributing “faeries”, who would take turns leading the daily posts. I am one of those faeries, also known as the Rainbow Faery. I chose my name because as an artist, I really love the entire spectrum of colors that we are offered to play with both on the canvas, and in life. Much of my own everyday magic comes from the beautiful things I notice everyday, especially the workings of Mother Nature. And there is definitely a full spectrum of just about everything strange and beautiful in nature! And why the faery identity? Quite simply, it adds to the magic, engages the imagination, and is just fun.  

Focusing on everyday magic brings more light into your life. I took this photo on a late afternoon hike-to-ocean adventure on the west coast of Guam.

As of this writing, I’ve been posting on My Everyday Magic for about 2 years, more or less. It has been a magical experience Indeed! Being able to shift my focus toward the positive things in my daily living has been the hugest blessing of all. This habit is the number one habit that I recommend developing, for it has the capacity to spill over its goodness into every aspect of your life. You will notice that if you fully commit to keeping the habit, your awareness grows and you have no choice but to be open to more solutions in your life. Challenges will not be insurmountable because you can say “even though I’ve got this, this and this going on in my life and I feel so overwhelmed by it all, at least I can stop and find ONE thing to feel good about.” And guess what, when you shift just for that moment, to notice at least ONE thing that you can feel grateful or even joyful for, your awareness by law of nature will find more evidence to support this shift. This does not mean you get militant about it with yourself or feel guilty when you fall out of habit, just keep coming back to it. Keep re-deciding to look for the positives. Allow the ebb and flow of your journey. Doing this over time has given me so much, mainly a positive outlook on my life, past, present or future.


So here’s what you do:

Get a paper, notebook, blank journal, a sketchbook, whatever. Something that entices you to write in it everyday.

Start with today. Jot down some of the things you can think of right now that are positives in your life, or that answer any of the many questions I began this post with. Put down the obvious things, and then stretch yourself a tiny extra bit to add one or two more things on your list. That’s it. Ta da!! Then put it down. Tomorrow you will come back to your book and do it again. SO simple right? And yet I tell you, this habit will profoundly change your life.

If you need some accountability and people to share your journey with as you get in the habit, I HIGHLY recommend heading over to My Everyday Magic and start posting. If you are more the solo type, then simply begin noticing and writing down your magic. I can say from experience that you’ll so appreciate having it to look back on, especially if you are feeling not-so-magical in any given moment. Just open up your everyday magic journal and the memories will fill you up with positive energy and renewal.

**MORE POSTS ON MY EVERYDAY MAGIC, including my own lists!**


Oh and P.S. You are FREE to express your creative spirit in whatever way you feel called! You can draw your magic, make a collage or treasure map about it, enlist friends to join you in this adventure, write your everyday magic on your wall, shout it out from your rooftop, or whisper it to your houseplants. The point is to invite more magic into your life by simply FOCUSING on it. And yes it is there. I promise.

May you notice and enjoy infinite blessings!

Love & Light,