Never imagined I’d be painting onto a wedding dress!

A few weeks ago, I had a unique opportunity to paint my art onto a wedding dress modeled by Erin Wong, 2014 Miss Earth Guam for the Pacific Daily News Guam Bridal Guide. Big thanks to Hannah Iriarte for reaching out to me for this project. The concept is to show the art as if the 3 little flower girls painted it, so the photoshoot was designed around this idea. It was also really cool to do the shoot up at my grandparents old home, the Guam-famous “Johnston Residence.” It’s kind of surreal, as my parents got married there, as did other family members. As it turns out, the house is now available for rent, but we’ve been playing with the idea of holding events there, like weddings! It was cool to do this photoshoot and feel what it would be like.

As for the dress, I have to say, the perfectionist side of me feels like this project is so unfinished. I normally would have taken more time and care into the painting, but I had to do it pretty quickly as it was part of a photoshoot. Nonetheless, people seem to like it, so I say the experiment was a success for my first time painting onto a dress! I wasn’t sure how the fabric would take to the paint, but I was pleasantly surprised. This may be the beginning of something. 😉

IMG_0422IMG_0430IMG_0540 IMG_0544 IMG_0450   IMG_054110556217_830875190313202_1604129581257798503_n IMG_0508




Here are some pics from the Guam Bridal Guide:

IMG_1975.PNG IMG_1974.PNG IMG_1973.PNG