New Art Stuffs on the Easel & in the Sketchbook

A typhoon of art inspirations taking over my little studio room. Pulled everything out to get a good look at this sea of art inventory. Painted a couple new abstract pieces; a thick impasto-like abstract Guam sunset in blues and golds (16″x20″), and an abstract purplish flower piece (24″x36″). All acrylic paint. Also, I sketched a tree in my sketchbook. I was broadcasting live on Periscope @creative_indeed while sketching.

IMG_3537 IMG_3570 IMG_3573 IMG_3575 IMG_3576 IMG_3584 IMG_3585 IMG_3604 IMG_3606 IMG_3609 IMG_3660 IMG_3663 IMG_3665 IMG_3666