New Year’s Adventure Back to Bali!

So I went to Bali in October 2016, and I told you all that I fell in love and would be back sooner rather than later. Well, I decided to start 2017 with an adventure back to Bali! It was amazing, even though I did get the infamous “Bali Belly” while I was there. Really thought I’d avoid it, but joke’s on me! I didn’t let it stop me though. Still got to do most of what I intended while there, and have so many more memories to cherish. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking:

img_7986 img_8001 img_8008 img_8015 img_8031 img_8032 img_8034 img_8036 img_8037 img_8040 img_8041 img_8044 img_8047 img_8051 img_8053 img_8094 img_8103 img_8105 img_8124 img_8133 img_8135 img_8192 img_8201 img_8211 img_8227 img_8232 img_8246 img_8250 img_8252 img_8257 img_8261 img_8262 img_8266 img_8273 img_8276 img_8277 img_8289 img_8351 img_8431 img_8432 img_8434 img_8436 img_8443 img_8445 img_8448 img_8449 img_8451 img_8467 img_8475 img_8479 img_8493 img_8497 img_8502 img_8503 img_8518 img_8535