Latest Artwork: Reflections of Peace acrylic painting

After a few commission projects, I was itching to paint what was in my mind and heart. This piece, “Reflections of Peace,” created itself in the moment, I didn’t have a complete image in my mind when I started, but it came together as I played with the paint. Here are photos of the process from start to finish of the process. Painting is 48″x48″ acrylic on stretched canvas, and is available for sale. Email or call (671)777-1284 to inquire.

img_6145 img_6146 img_6147 img_6149 img_6152 img_6153 img_6172 img_6180 img_6181 img_6182 img_6185 img_6204 img_6211 img_6215 img_6217 img_6224 img_6226 img_6293 img_6407 img_6410 img_6447 img_6502 img_6564 img_6942 img_6944 img_7178