Poetry: Faith in Me

Faith in Me

It is one of those days
when I need to breathe…
where I question who I am.
I turn my focus toward me.
To think and reflect, and to put myself back
in a positive feeling space.
I used to think I was simply withdrawing
I don’t identify with those labels anymore.
I am just BEING.
Everyday being.
Every single day I am doing the best that I can,
even if that isn’t so great at all some days.
Some days I don’t want to speak with anyone,
and that IS OKAY for me.
Sometimes I want to curl up and cry, and sometimes I do.
Sometimes I feel like hitting someone or destroying something,
and thankfully I usually don’t.
Many days I feel joyful and filled to the brim
with gratitude, bliss, and gentle, peaceful contentment.
Many days I am living my highest purpose,
I can feel it.
Even the days where I feel
like I am just laying low, chilling out,
resting, lazying, relaxing, or hiding from the world,
I trust that I am living the life
I am meant to live.
The ride is so not linear.
In fact it is infinitely filled with twists and turns,
curves, bumps, dips, quivers, backsteps, leaps forward,
alternate planes, dimensions, links, weaving,
oohs, ahhs, ‘oh no’s, gasps and sighs.
The intensity that I feel urges me
To simplify, chalk it all up to being
the wonderful, complex & wild ride
of a masterpiece we call life.
The thread that keeps me “alive” beyond physical
is having faith in me.
I trust.
I am.
Thank you.