Treasure Mapping: Creating a vision board with the Aries new moon

As I write this, I am clearing space for the Aries New moon, which is when I will be creating my Treasure Map for this year. When I first heard about Treasure Maps, I thought they were just like any other vision board, but I have come to find a special magic in creating them during the “astrological new year,” or the Aries new moon.

Some friends (a couple who are also astrologers) created their vision boards once a year during the Aries new moon. This optimizes the magic that can come from focusing your attention (and intention) toward images that you resonate with.

When and why the Aries new moon? 

So Aries new moon typically happens between the Spring Equinox (March 21st) and the time the Sun goes into Taurus (approx. April 22). There is new energy coming through during the three days of the new moon, and it is an auspicious time to plant new seeds, ideas, intentions, beginnings, hopes, dreams… It is considered the astrological new year, as Aries is the first sign of the 12 in the zodiac. It is a great time to set your intentions for the coming year.


Treasure map that was so FULL that I kept it for both 2010 and 2011!

What exactly is a Treasure Map?

I’m not sure who originally coined the term, but a Treasure Map in the sense that I speak of, is essentially a vision board. A collage or a map of images (often done on a poster board, canvas, in a journal or in Your Creativity Binder, or even digitally) to guide you along in your purpose throughout the year. A visual sanctuary to focus your attention on the things you want in life, a very important tool when you are stuck thinking about what you don’t want. A Treasure Map can be a reminder of who you really are.

First, you must “clear space.”

Before the Aries new moon, it is always beneficial to clear any space that you can. This can be done in any way that feels right for you. Some find that they clear space best by decluttering material things, especially any broken, unused, or unappreciated items. Other ways include cleansing your body, releasing old fears or negative thought patterns, clearing or releasing any toxic or draining relationships, letting go of what doesn’t work, and any other way you want to clear space in your life.

Clearing space gives you “breathing room” when it is time to sit down really get clear about what it is you do want. It can be hard to discern what you want or how you want to move forward, if your mind/body/environment are cluttered with stuck energy. The gift of clarity is priceless, but can sometimes be bought by doing the work of clearing.

Have patience, wait until or even after, the new moon. 

Allow time to flow in its own cycle. During the time before the new moon, it is a time for waning, or releasing. Patience is key in moving with nature’s rhythms. It is probably best to wait until the actual new moon time (you can look up new moon times for each year), and work on your map during the first three days, and even up until the next new moon (about 28 days later). Those 3 days of the actual new moon are where the most intense “fresh” energy comes through, often when our intuition is high on what/how to begin the new year. Don’t plan too much. Allow the mystery until the new moon comes, and go from there. Its okay if you have to buy some materials ahead of time, but don’t be surprised if any “plans” change when the actual new moon hits. Remember, flow with the new energy. Allow yourself the curiosity and mystery.

New moon in Aries! Let’s begin!

Find a time that is right for you during the new moon to sit down and really get as clear as you can about what you really, truly desire in your life. Don’t focus so much on things, but on feelings. What do you what to feel this year? Where is your heart guiding you this year? What purpose do you wish to fulfill? Sometimes it can be helpful to jot down or mentally release what you don’t want, and hopefully, any clearing you did before the new moon will have helped you jumpstart your clarity.

Gather your materials.

There are as many ways to create a Treasure Map as your imagination will allow. However you want to display your imagery is up to you, but here are some ideas to get you going:

*poster board, canvas, wood, cardboard, paper, a blank journal, your Creativity Binder, or a digital canvas on your computer

*magazine cutouts, digital images (which you can print too if you don’t want to use magazines), photos

*glue, rubber cement, acrylic matte, tape, string, paper clips, thumbtacks, fiberglass resin (hey, you never know)

*Paint, markers, crayons, color pencils, glitter, pens, chalk, feathers, jewels, souvenirs or mementos

*Yarn, paper mache, ceramic, mosaic, sculpture, photo-collage, Pinterest board, Mind Movie, whatever!

*I have a friend who made her treasure map on a table and then glassed over the table with acrylic(?) so that her creativity table WAS her treasure map. Cool huh?

Go with the flow and follow your intuition.

Allow the prices to unfold in its own way, and don’t be discouraged if things don’t go how you think they “should.” There is no should! If your family is “not cooperating”, either get them involved, get yourself some time alone, or just keep moving along however you are. Trust that you have cleared space, and you are setting your intentions exactly as you need to. If you don’t foresee yourself finding ample time alone to create your map, then don’t attempt some crazy elaborate project. Keep it simple! Easy is good my friends. Do what you gotta do. HAVE FUN with it. Have a Treasure Mapping party, or go it solo. It’s your map, your year.

Treasure map(s) in my Creativity Binder

Visible is best!

In my experience, my Treasure Maps have the most manifesting power if it is visible to me throughout the year. I keep mine on the wall or in an easily accessible place. Some of my friends have a Treasure Map Journal, where they add to it throughout the year, or do a bunch in bursts, or have a digital one they made set as their computer wallpaper.

Why do I believe visible is best? Because the power of a Treasure Map lies in the images. Our brains process thoughts as images, which become memories. The more we think, see or feel something, it becomes a “default” memory if you will. A dominant image in our life. Our attention is our most precious creative tool. A vision board gives us a tangible reminder of the images that we WANT to focus on in our life, at least over the next year. On some of my worst days, I’d look over at my Treasure Map, and something on it would remind me of my truth. This is why it is important to really clear space before doing your map, so that you enter the year with a clear mind and are as connected to your divine truth as you can be. So that your truth may be reflected through your map.

Enjoy this process, and the unfolding of the life you are creating. Approach Treasure Mapping with curiosity and you may be pleasantly surprised!

Love you all,