Recipe for a Good Day: Funky Creative Tribal


*Funky house clothes, comfortable

*Broom & dustpan

*Blank paper, canvas, favorite untensil/medium

*Depending on your music tastes: Goddess Alchemy Project, Djembe Tribal Drumming, or Drum ‘n’Rhythm on Pandora

*Optional: A lit candle, or essential oils (try orange or lemon), your favorite scarf or necklace or other

Directions: Get comfy, put on your favorite feel-good funky goddess clothes, light a candle, sweep your area to cleanse the space energy, set up your paper/canvas/notebook and paints, pen, pencil, crayons, whatever. Turn on your favorite music, or use suggestions above. Let the music gradually guide you into your creation. Move around, take breaks to dance/stretch/drink water. Create freely. Make mud. Glitter the heck out of it. Sketch a self-portrait. Write yourself a note from your future self. Doodle. Construct a masterpiece. JUST create and enjoy your space.