Out Beyond Ideas…that is for sure! (photoblog from Fairy Congress)

I am back from the Fairy Congress and am bursting with love and inspiration. I really am. Have you ever felt like so much of you has been transformed, integrated and shifted, that you just don’t know where to begin to explain those changes to people?

Well I feel a bit that way right now. For those who “know” me, you probably already know that I am an ambassador for Creativity, I spread the word that you, you creative spirit, are worth making the time and space for following your bliss, your passions, your ideas. And yet I now know that my purpose is “beyond ideas”.

There are many concepts and ideas that we share with each other, here on this blog, in our daily lives. I share my experiences and ideas about nourishing creativity and purposefully creating & allowing our life masterpiece to unfold.

You give me ideas, you inspire me to remember my own ideas, you push me to go out of my comfort zone enough to learn soul lessons that I can share with you, and I trust that I inspire you the same. We reflect upon each other.

When I felt the saturation level of love and happiness that I opened myself up to while at the Fairy Congress, I knew I had fullfilled my purpose for that trip. To completely saturate myself with love, respect, compassion, community, forgiveness, & hope…so much so that when I arrived back on Guam, much of anything that wasn’t aligned with that seemed to shift away in my life.

Or more that my truth did not align with another’s truth. Quite dramatically actually, it was a bit intense. I won’t go into too many details, but I have entered the next chapter of my life. My family dynamic is shifting once again, and instead of feeling any resistance, I am feeling very open to it. It feels like a celebration, an opening of new opportunities, it is me fully stepping into my truth and living it. It is about choosing love, and respect, and aligning with all in this universe that supports me in that vibration.

There is a song that is originally a poem by Rumi, adapted by Laurence Cole called Out Beyond Ideas that I have fallen in love with…it sums up some of my feelings (and yes, I just spent the last couple paragraphs sharing ideas, language, and using the phrase “each other”):

Part one:

Out beyond ideas

There is a field

There is a field

I will meet you there

Part two:

Out beyond ideas

Of wrong doing and right doing

There is a field

I will meet you there

Part Three (descant)

When the soul lies down in that grass

The world is too full to talk about

Ideas, language, even the phrase each other

Just don’t make any sense


So here I am, in the field, out beyond ideas, and I am blissful here. Join me if you like, feel free to pass if it doesn’t call to you. Either way, all is well and unfolding perfectly. I will conclude with some more photos: