Recon 2014: Guam’s Largest Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Gaming & Pop Culture Convention

Today I attended the 1st day of the 2014 Recon event at the Agana Shopping Center here on Guam. I love costumes & art of all kinds. I had fun seeing everyone’s characters. So much talent and imagination. A big feature of the event was the presence of Steve Blum, the “king of anime,” famous voice-over, visiting the convention. Gaming tournaments, vendor sales, art, activities, and cosplay contests, something for everyone!

You can find details for the event, which goes on today and tomorrow, at

Here are the basics, as shown on the site:

Admission Ticket Pricing

$25.00 – Two Day Pass

$15.00 – One Day Pass


  • All tickets come with ONE (1) free entry to any contest OR tournament at Recon 2014. 

  • Tickets will also include special discounts to select Agana Shopping Center restaurants and shops.

  • Tickets can be purchased on the day of the event.

  • Presold ticket sales will be at The Agana Shopping Center’s SM Store on Monday, July 28th.


Recon 2014 Schedule











Some photos from today’s event:

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