Uffizi Virtual Museum Brings Italian Masterpieces to Guam Exhibit

The Uffizi Virtual Museum is here until September 13th, open everyday from 10am-8pm at the Plaza by Outrigger in Tumon, 2nd floor above Underwater World. This endeavor “Bridge Continents – Connect Cultures” has been made possible through the Guam Council of the Arts and Humanities Agency (CAHA) and supporting sponsors. The works are an amazing display of to-scale Italian masterpiece reproductions. It is really cool that they managed to get this together! There is even an interactive “theater” and touchscreen “navigator.” A must-experience. And yes, Roberto (Fracassini, whom I’ve heard is also a fantastic musician) needs a break sometimes, please apply in person with him or 727-6570 or rfp@guam.net to help with the gallery.

Support the Uffizi Virtual Museum on Guam by backing the Kickstarter campaign. As little as $5 can make a big difference!

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