Unique and Creative Ways to Nurture the Earth: Whats YOUR Style?

How can your care for the earth in your own unique way? Whether you are an artist or an accountant, you have your own unique gifts and can apply them toward caring for the earth. Think of your strengths, what delights you. The cool thing is, there is no one answer, but there is always one first step. Taking that step, no matter how big or small, is the key to healing the earth & the place in our hearts where earth exists.

Why does it matter?

Life is an interconnected phenomenon, and it is becoming more and more clear just how profound the effects are when we commit any loving act toward the earth. Not only are we taking responsibility by caring for our environment, our home…we are also saying “I love the earth enough to give it my creative attention.”

Really, its because we love ourselves that we take care of our surroundings. After all, it IS our experience that we are feeling  and while it is important to care for others, we are essentially doing it so that WE can reap the benefits of a loved earth. Even if we think of it as doing it for the next generation, we are doing it because it feels GOOD to us to know we are helping others too.

Simple skills in cultivating plants of any and all kinds is a highly valuable tool to have! The basic of all survival skills is being able to find or grow food, which as it is for us humans, come from plants and/or animals. We all have talents and skills that we cultivate to call our “careers” but too many of us are pursuing careers that we don’t enjoy, for the sake of “putting food on the table.” It is time to meet our truly basic and essential needs in more creative (and simple!) ways.

We can step out of the cycle of surviving and think about what it is we REALLY need and want to THRIVE in this life!

My son's expression of his favorite part of the earth...waves!

It’s all about the essentials.

So what ARE your essential needs in terms of resources? Healthy food and clean water. Shelter, or a safe place to sleep. Appropriate clothing for your environment. That’s pretty much it for basic survival. To THRIVE, you might add in: Support (in the form of family, friendship, community). Spirituality. And most especially, LOVE.

When we think in terms of resources, money almost becomes obsolete. We don’t actually need money if we can meet these essential needs for ourselves. I am not saying to suddenly quit your job and start collecting wood to build yourself a house and then start spinning fiber to make your own clothing (though these are wonderful things that many people do indeed!). But I AM saying that to get to the root of our existence, we must look at what are basic needs are and ask how we can meet those needs creatively.

How can I start nurturing the earth?

Back when I was living in my grandma’s house, I started by keeping clippings of plants in vases of water, and by George, they would root all on their own!! Then I planted them and voila! My first house plants. But before that, I  loved taking walks where there were lots of plants. Getting familiar with plants is caring for them. Being willing to observe and just BE with plants, they sense (yes, I said sense, but more on that in a future post) your presence and your love. When you pass by a plant, take the time to notice it, to appreciate its power and beauty. See if you feel any connection.

Recycled cardboard for mulch

Remember in elementary school when we put toothpicks into a potato spud, propped it in a cup with water and watched it sprout? Simple pleasures and experiments like this are a great start. Play around with plants, get to know them and how they “work”.

Caring for the earth IS caring for ourselves. And to love the earth, we must also love ourselves. It’s not linear, but multi-layered, interconnected, a cycle of nurturing. I love the saying “Begin all things with LOVE” and that SO applies here. 

You can start anywhere. Whatever your passion, ask how you can shift toward choices that improve the quality of living here on here.

Need ideas? Pick one from the list below, or add your own by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

Unique and Creative Ways to Nurture the Earth

  • Go outside EVERY day at least once.
  • Shout to the sky “THANK YOU!!”
  • Dig your toes into some soil (I’ve learned not to call soil “dirt.” Dirt is what collects on your kitchen floor. Soil is living & breathing and can nurture life)
  • Notice the shapes, sizes, textures and colors of the plant life in your neighborhood.
  • Create a recycled container garden from used jars and plastic containers.
  • Reduce the amount of plastic items you buy
  • Consider less electronics and more outdoor time
  • Paint a flower. A leaf. A whole garden.

    A recent custom piece, inspired by the bonds of nature, love & hope

  • New to gardening? Grow ONE vegetable in a pot. ONE. Google “easy-to-grow-vegetable”
  • Buy local pesticide-free produce
  • Drive less!
  • Teach a child how to plant a seed
  • Hang-dry your laundry
  • Hug a tree. Yes, I said HUG A TREE. Its actually proven to have health benefits.
  • Start a FOODIE group…share resources for clean, whole foods
  • Don’t use plastic bags at grocery stores. Bring your own, or at least get paper.
  • Recycle cardboard and paper bags as a mulch layer, or to do crafts over
  • Drink herbal tea.
  • Clean up a park or a beach, a little bit wherever you go!
  • SHARE your knowledge with others
  • Make art with natural items
  • Dedicate a shelf in your home to Nature
  • Make mud sculptures. Ingredients: Soil & Water. Create. Destroy. Create again!
  • Learn about solar power, or permaculture, or sustainable towns
  • Make your own (imaginary or real) potions. Yes, I said POTIONS. Lol.
  • Follow the seasons in your area, learn the rhythms of where you live
  • Take inventory of your fridge and pantry to see what needs to be used, so less food is wasted.
Do you have your own ideas, suggestions, or experiences to share about caring for the earth? Please share in the comments below!
With Love,