Music: This Creative Mom’s Saving Grace

Do you love music? I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t. Are you a sensitive person, physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, however-a-lly? If you are reading this, I am guessing that you are. Bonus points if you happen to also be a mom like me, who is often  overwhelmed by any combination of wild children (boys in particular), noisy toys, a messy house, and the desire for quiet solitude.

Music has most definitely 100% without a doubt saved my life (and probably my children’s) on many accounts. 

In the name of transparency and truth, I sometimes have a short temper with my children. I am easily annoyed and frequently overwhelmed by the incessantness of their needs (read: demands) and wants. And the NOISE. I never knew how much I loved quiet and solitude until I had about 90% of it stripped from my life. Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating a little, but you get the picture.

My one saving grace has been MUSIC.

Playing music that feels good to me is a treat. Being able to CHOOSE the sound I want to hear when there is much of it that is sincerely hurting my ears, is a godsend. A miracle in that moment of sheer desperation, when I am sure I am going to lose it.

Bottom line that you need to know here is that having music that YOU LOVE at the ready is a top priority for those of us are easily affected by our environment, particularly sound. 

Create playlists according to moods, tasks, activities (e.g. Chill, Clean 1, Clean 2, Workout, In the Car, Dishes, Feel Good, Happy Dance, Comforting/Inspiring, Romantic, Getting-Ready-in-the-Morning, Powerful, Writing/Painting, Eclectic, Funky, Jazz, etc…).

INVEST IN GREAT HEADPHONES and/or SPEAKERS. Just trust me on this one. They also make noise-canceling headphones. Just sayin’. 

Creative Indeed is all about facilitating a COMING ALIVE. And well, music most definitely brings us to life! So get to know your favorite music. Experiment, explore, celebrate! Build your playlists gradually (or fiercely!) and allow yourself to ENJOY your music. 

So, in conclusion: Frazzled mom + Music of choice = Happy family.

Get thee to making thee playlists!

In the words of Matisyahu “Let the children play” and in my words, “Let MOM play.”

Don’t forget, the kids love music too! This post is specific to meeting MOM’s audio-pleasure needs, but yes, music can benefit the WHOLE family.

Love you all, special tribute to all the mamas in the world!