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What recipients say about their unique artwork…

12391200_10207651084811843_3093986013363373854_n“Your painting and appropriate title of Transformation touched me at a deep level. this is only the second painting I have bought in my life. I started with buying tattoos for art that meant something special to me. I am proud to own one of your original pieces, the meaning behind this piece and its meaning in my own life will be cherished. I also think the metamorphosis that a caterpillar undergoes and transforms into a butterfly is in itself amazing part of nature’s beauty. Wanted you to know that this piece is going to an owner that it does have meaning to. Thank you.”  ~Darrell Apilado


12644858_1062378173818904_912466966127428195_n“Absolutely in love with my intuitive piece “Alive.” For me, “Alive” represents the light that everyone has inside. The light that sometimes we suppress because of outside circumstances which we have been fooled to believe, are beyond our control. We must stay rooted in our beliefs for the greater good, but also open our minds and our hearts to the good we can offer the world.” ~Jade Blas



1917090_462217890630193_8843106859168750444_n“I have recently commissioned three canvas pieces, two of which I provided photos for inspiration (actually, Michelle needs no outside source of inspiration). She presented me with 3 fabulous paintings; two in her unique style and one in stunningly realistic detail.” ~Matt Poppe


10471244_10203603492060906_6911370422833631277_n“I own three originals and hope to add more to my collection. Michelle captures the emotion and spirit of being on Guam in her beautiful creations and I hold them dear to my heart. More so now that I am no longer living on my beloved little island.” ~Jen Hill



12670385_10207653253042259_8356994244932211928_n“It came in!!! I love love love it so much!!!! Can’t wait to have more kids and for u to do a painting for them lol…thank u soooo much!” ~Jenn Quitugua



“I love my Energetic Rainbow you made for me so much. I hung it in my office where I can see it often throughout the day, and it inspires and calms and invigorates me all at once”  ~ Amy Horst


“I just received “Eye of the Storm” that I won in the recent auction and let me tell you it is sooooooo cool! I mean, it looked good online (which is why I bought it!) but in person it has serious good vibes!”  ~Jezanna Gruber


Pikas Cafe“Shell, My mom absolutely loved her painting. She was in tears when we gave it to her. I framed a recent picture of us 4 boys and her to go along with it. She said she wants to live to be 100 so she can cherish this for a long time. Her exact words.” ~Lenny Fejeran, owner of Pika’s Cafe Guam


“This was a totally MAGICAL manifestation. The office I worked in for a little over a year was beautiful, but then I had to move into this cold, dark, dreary office with no windows and a bad vibe.  So, I reached out to Michelle and asked if she could do a painting for me. The painting arrived today. It *is* just gorgeous and the light reflecting off it is amazing and there’s some depth to the paint and well, it’s just amazing.”  ~Ashley Clark


“My overall experience was very positive and affirming.  All communication was prompt and professional.  From the beginning questions to the end product arriving… it was wonderful. I was looking for something that was relaxing that would give my room more of a nurturing feel to it.  The explanation she wrote made me feel that Michelle was very in tune with where I was at, she had listened to me and the art reflected that.” ~Emily Kristofferson


966281_10151659288900865_1605593147_o“She arrived! I had to pay extra customs charges and had a second before I opened it where I wondered what the hell I was thinking?!?! Then I opened the packaging…I saw her and fell instantly in love! She is more beautiful than she looked in the photos and I adore looking at her more and more every second!” ~Laura-Jeanne Lehr



486608_230167440463064_129290025_n“It’s so beautiful! What a treasure. Thank you! It reminds me of my chakra pendant. So perfect. I’m so stunned.” ~Olive Sail


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