Creative Spotlight: Magic of the Ifit Flower

ifit flower intsia bijugaSo this past week I decided I wanted to paint something specific. An ifit flower. And I just happened to have a beautiful photo that I took of one last year, much better than any photo I found searching on google! Of course, I would paint it in my own style, my creative version, not an exact replica of the photo. I shared the process on the Creative Indeed Facebook page, as I went through each step; the photo, the sketch, sponging on some background color, adding some base color, filling in details, adding more layers, more details, etc. It is always fun sharing the process, and I know that is what you all love seeing!

The transformation from an image in my mind to a tangible finished artwork, is indeed and fun process to witness, myself included. When I look back at the pictures, I remember “Oh, that stage was fun, ooh, that part was tough, hey there’s that smudge that I did not intend to be there, but look how it added another interested quirk to the overall image…”

The Ifit tree (Ifil in English, scientific name is Intsia bijuga) is a special tree, native to Guam. The bark and leaves are used medicinally, and the wood is a very dense, durable wood that will last a lifetime used for furniture, flooring, etc. You can find traditional carvers here on Guam making beautiful masterpieces from this high-value wood.

And for me personally, I love its little flowers. So beautiful, so small, and striking.

Without further adieu, here is the painting process photos: