32 creative gift & celebration ideas that are meaningful, affordable & fun!
In no particular order:
  1. Fantastic Floatables- hovering “no strings” balloons that follow you around with a “weight control” remote kit. Cheap & COOL. Check out the Dolphin Swimmers.

    A handmade tea “sun”

  2. Babysitting vouchers or gift certificates from you to a loved one with little ones.
  3. Upload a cool photo of you and/or family & friends, or of a beautiful scene you love, and order/print greeting cards, write a personal note to each person and mail. With all the digital mail these days, I love a handwritten note from anyone!
  4. Gift card or certificate to a book store (or an online book seller). Books are awesome. Even eBooks can be awesome.
  5. Use 4″x4″ canvas blocks, paint them different colors and when dry, write inspirational or funny messages on them for friends or family.
  6. Start plants! Where do your friends live? Think of an easy plant to grow in your/their conditions. Herbs like basil are easy. Grow plants for a couple weeks, potted in small planters. Costs you a couple bucks per plant if even that.
  7. Eco covers! These are elastic covers that are cloth on one side and waterproof inside that replaces the need for plastic wrap or foil on many bowls/dishes.
  8. Organize a carol-singing group with friends & family instead of exchanging gifts
  9. Go to a holiday concert/choir/gig & support your local musicians.
  10. Ride the holiday trolly around town if you have one where you live. Go see lights together with someone.
  11. Have a “Holiday Painting Party” and get crafty & messy with friends.
  12. Buy plain journals & decorate them. Leave love notes, journal prompts & doodles on random pages. Give them away as holiday gifts.
  13. Re-do the kids’ room, or design a cool area for them to work/play. Sometimes just rearranging some furniture and adding a functional piece (or some paint) can make a world of a difference.
  14. Buy the person behind you at the cafe a muffin & a drink.
  15. Leave random notes of love & kindness everywhere you go during the holidays.
  16. Spend time with someone who needs company.
  17. Have a gift-wrapping party for friends.
  18. Gift someone some cooking classes, a horseback riding lesson, an art lesson, something creative they’ve been wanting to try but haven’t.
  19. Handmade jewelry. Keep it simple, easy, fun & pretty.
  20. Poetry! Buy your favorite book, or write some yourself. Write them on different things like paper, cardboard, t-shirts, mugs, journals, newspapers, canvas, walls…
  21. Support your local farmers, gift your family & friends with a box of the freshest produce in season with a couple recipes. Maybe even host a “cooking party” where you all support each other in trying out a new recipe.
  22. Do a beach or park cleanup.
  23. Plan a scavenger hunt for friends or family. Find a sponsor who can donate a prize for the winner(s).
  24. Board games. There are some fun & engaging ones out there!
  25. Pay someone’s phone bill for the month.
  26. Make a mixed CD!
  27. Gather photos of a friend or family member (even if just off of their Facebook page!) and use a program like iPhoto’s album feature or shutter fly to make a photo album book that you can order.
  28. Gift passes to a park, waterpark, adventure park, or some kind of sporting event in your area. Experiences are priceless!
  29. Clothing or dress-up clothes for kids, you can pick up some quality stuff at thrift stores.
  30. An Astrology reading.
  31. A handwritten & bound booklet of 52 cards of “why I love you” (saw this on Pinterest)
  32. A wine & bread picnic basket, with a date card/invite inside.