30 life changing tips for setting up a creative business model + website

I’ve been called to share my process finally, on setting up a creative business model + website, heading the wisdom & experience of mentors. This post is going to be filled with affiliate links, tips, and straight up step-by-step what I followed to get to where I am now. I’ve got a long way to go in order to be closer to what I envision for Creative Indeed, but I am very proud of the foundation I have laid for this business to grow.

SO. This is going to be concise (as possible). I am throwing out traditional grammar rules for “blog-sense” rules.


STEP 1. Are you ready to build an online presence? Set up a website that fits your needs? This is going to be a step by step documentary of my website-building process for Creative Indeed. And don’t forget: PROBLEMS ARE REALLY OPPORTUNITIES FOR CREATIVE SOLUTIONS!

1. Brainstorm all facets of business. Big vision. A billion details.

2. NAME. Word association, write down everything that has to do with your business vision, purpose, details. What’s the theme?

3. Hammer out some basic key facets, themes, categories of talent, interest, passion.

4. Get feedback from trusted friends who will be honest. What do you do well? What is their perspective of you and your business?  What would they love to see from you? What are words that would describe you? Name feedback.

5. JOY LIST. Write down everything that makes you smile, laugh, breathe relief, feel peace & love.

6. Who do you serve best? Who can you really relate to and offer value toward? Who really needs what you have to offer? Who do you love to serve? Who do you envision yourself working with?

7. Your message. Your story. Your why. Your slogan. Your tagline. All that describes the essence of your business. Make it passionate, clear & consistent.

8. Retreat time. Write every day, or just sit and be, meditate, lay down, rest. Be sure you are aware and proactive toward your wellbeing.

9. Business name. Vision. Mission Statement. Who. Energy exchange (between value, offer, need, solution).

10. MARKETING. a DAILY plan for marketing your business. A simple step or two every day can make a huge difference, without overwhelm.

11. In fact, I highly recommend going through the whole business plan process to map out your goals & the details of your business & financial plan.

12. The nitty gritty. DOCUMENT AS YOU GO. Keep receipts. FILE them into Quickbooks (I recommend the affordable online version), as well as all sales. Do your taxes or hire someone to do them, just get them done on time and properly. Keep on top of all licensure. Yes, get a business license. On Guam a service license I believe is $50? Retail is $100.

13. Take photos. Of everything. Upload them all to an online or external drive, or iCloud or whatever. One place to access. Same goes for videos.

14. CREATE. Do the work that is yours alone. Your genius work. Your passion. The stuff that inspires you, or fulfills you. The satisfying or rewarding stuff that just plain feels good to do.

15. Outsource other creative souls to pick up the steps that are not in the above. Collaborate. Delegate. Co-create.

16. Keep an idea book, a hook book, to keep ideas, potential projects, titles for works, programs, etc. Blog post topics & titles. You will cherish this list!

17. Saturate each day with an element of peace. Breathe. Put up visuals where you will see them and remember to stay centered.

18. Build contacts list. Always have sign-in sheets at events, begin collecting interested collaborators. Make quality connections and build genuine relationships. Think positive solutions, support, tribe.

19. Website. Domain name “SuperBusiness” dot com. Go to GoDaddy.com (check retailmenot.com for promo codes first), search your desired domain name. If it’s available, go for it! Sign up for a year, for a basic plan. No need for the endless extras that GoDaddy works so hard to upsell. Then head over to HostGator.com sign up for the basic Hosting plan (Baby?). You will be emailed the Name Servers (2 long numbers), copy those and go back to GoDaddy.com. Go into your account and launch the Domains section. Open up your domain, where it says “name servers” click custom, and enter in two numbers from HostGator. It might take a day or two for name servers to take effect. Once they do you should be able to visit your domain. To get to your HostGator control panel go to your domainname.com/cpanel and then enter your user name & password. Once you are in, scroll down until you see a smiley face icon that says Fantastico. Click on it. Search on the left column for WordPress, click on that. Click New Install, enter your domain name. Follow directions. To get to your WordPress dashboard, go to your domainname.com/wp-admin and enter your user name & password you created during the install. Then, ta-da! You are Finally in. Begin setup by choosing a theme. Take some time with this one, there are a TON of choices. Upload and install the theme. Change settings to your preference. Write posts, create pages. Work and rework. Don’t go crazy. Maybe I’ll create a more detailed program just on this whole part of the process.

20. Set up Facebook and/or Twitter page, register your blog on NetworkedBlogs.com and add the widget to your site, and/or add the automatic link feature to post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

21. Photo albums, clear galleries.

22. Vision board. Collage. Visual Business Plan. Treasure Map.

23. Networking events. Get thee butt out there and talk to people in person.

24. Write about your experiences and what you are learning. Interview others about theirs.

25. Simplify. See #s 8, 15, & 17. BREATHE.

26.I should have mentioned this in the beginning, but WEEKLY CHECK-INs. Seriously.

27. Hang out with people who make you feel good, hang out with people who have similar interests and goals, hang out with diverse crowds, hang out with people who are successful in ways you strive toward, who encourage you to reach a bit higher.

28. Do something everyday to work ON your business, not just IN your business, think about where you are, where you are going. Envision your highest purpose and steps that you are inspired to take. Look at your systems. What, no systems? CREATE massive systems that simplify your business and make everything easier.

29. Sabbaticals. Like extended time off. Hours, days, weeks, months. Years?

30. Stay on top of things and HAVE FUN. Do what you love, get creative, get SUPPORT, line yourself up with great relationships, be true to yourself & your business. Take time everyday for peace, for focusing on your vision & purpose. Take it all one moment at a time, focus on quality.