Checking In: A crucial step that keeps you aligned with your truth & purpose

Clarity brings freedom. Read on for a simple ritual that can bring about clarity and freedom by identifying your next steps.

A simple and easy way to feel relief and clarity is to pause and check in with yourself and your life. What’s going on right now? What needs to be done, what needs to be simplified? What are your next steps? Most importantly, how are you feeling?

The other day a woman asked me why it seems as though I am always aligned with my creative path, like I always know what my next steps are. I was a little surprised, because I had actually been feeling out of sorts, and the truth is, I don’t always know what my next steps are. However, there is this one super-essential practice that I live by, because it brings me clarity and realigns me with my purpose. I call it Checking In. And I do it often, at least once a week. Quick daily check-ins are highly beneficial too!

When I check in with myself, I assess where I’ve been, where I am, and where I am going. Doing this prevents me from getting too caught up in the day-to-day “stuff” (to-do’s, drama, stress, etc), and keeps my awareness and attention on my purpose. This ritual keeps me balanced in the midst of chaos. It also frees me up to be creative, because I take the time to identify my feelings and priorities. If I am feeling overwhelmed and scattered, my creative juices don’t seem to flow very well, so clarity and freedom are so important!

Here’s how it goes:

Grab a sheet of paper (I have a notebook–surprise!–where I do all my check-ins…you can also do them in your creativity binder) and your favorite writing utensil. Then answer these questions/prompts:

  • Do a quick rating of the different “areas” of your life. On a scale of 1-10 (1 is feeling totally disconnected and 10 is feeling super connected), rate your contentment in each area: Spirituality, Relationships, Career/Life Path, Finances & Systems, Health & Wellness, Home Space, Creativity/Self. (You can reword your own categories too)
  • How have I been feeling this past week? 
  • What do I feel has been the root or source of these feelings?
  • How do I want to feel now and in the coming week?
  • What is my purpose and WHY is it so important to me? (This is a question you can ask yourself every day! )
  • What can I do this week to realign with my purpose & feel good in my life, business, relationships, etc.? 
  • What is the ONE most important thing to me this week? ONE focus, one absolute essential if nothing else…
And that’s it! Keep it simple and effective by focusing on what you want to FEEL. Unload what is weighing on you by identifying it (sometimes I make a list of everything that is on my plate) and then make a decision about how you want to move forward. The key here is being proactive. By shifting your focus back to your purpose and to what you want for your life, there is little room for the “other” stuff to take over. Make the good stuff your default by saturating your mind and your habits with as much of it as possible. Baby steps accumulate, but only if you actually take the steps forward.