Anxious, Overwhelmed, or in a Rut? Here are RESET BUTTONS for clarity and relief

So I know if you clicked on this to read, you don’t need “more stuff” on your plate. Let’s keep this simple and easy.

ANY time you feel anxious or overwhelmed, you reserve the right to


1.) Take a moment to JUST …B…R…E…A…T…H…E…


Beautiful Orchid

Gather yourself another moment and borrow one (or many) of these ideas that my friends and I have come up with to serve as a RESET BUTTON in just about any stressful situation. Take only what feels good!

  • Visualize an actual RESET button in your mind. PRESS IT and go forth anew.
  • Pause to ask yourself “What do I/we need RIGHT now?” or “What is most important in this situation right now?”
  • MOST importantly: “What do I want to feel right now?”
  • Reach for one better-feeling thought. And then another.
  • A cleansing shower
  • Pray
  • If your internal dialogue is telling you stuff that feels icky, ask yourself “Is this really really true?” “Is there another way I could look at this?”
  • Step outside your current environment, preferably into a better-feeling one
  • Clean something
  • Affirm: “I open myself to the solutions that are available to me, even if I don’t know about them yet.”
  • Ditch the to-do list
  • Above all else, Just breathe
  • Punch your fist into the air and say theatrically, “YES!!!!!”
  • Nourish your body with yummy and super-good-for-you foods
  • Go for a quick walk
  • Laugh. Even when there’s nothing funny.
  • Affirm: “This is going to work out better than we can possibly imagine for the highest good of all” and BELIEVE IT.
  • Do something to show someone some love
  • For some, remembering that “it could be worse” feels better
  • Get yourself to the nearest living plant or friendly animal
  • Stopping whatever you “have” to do and doing something that makes YOU feel good, even if only for a minute
  • Scream into a pillow
  • Follow your intuition
  • Do something with repetitive movement
  • When you feel like judging someone, say to yourself “Everyone’s path is perfect!”
  • Pull a card
  • Blast your favorite music
  • Create playlists for the moods you want to feel
  • Pause and bring yourself into the present, into your body/soul by saying “I AM”
  • Infuse your water with positive loving vibes and imagine it healing every cell in your body as you drink it
  • If you are having a hard time communicating respectfully with someone, imagine they are from another planet
  • If you have furry friends, pet them. Now. A lot.
  • Forgive for no reason
  • Express gratitude
  • Create a love list
  • Look UP to instantly shift perspective
  • Declutter your floor
  • Give yourself space
  • Call a friend
  • Stare at a flower, appreciate its beauty
  • Jump up and down. Do a cartwheel!
  • Make a list of all your accomplishments. Your talents & gifts.
Hope this list gives you a great starting point with lots of ideas to try. Do you have your own “reset button”? Share below, so we can all benefit!
With Love,