Create More Sacred Space in Your Life by Unplugging & Turning Down the Noise

Do you need space?

Are you often overwhelmed or scattered? Ever want to just crawl into bed, pull the covers over and hide for awhile? Have you ever felt the paradox of feeling so busy and yet unable to define what you’ve actually DONE all day? That vague sense of incompletion and just-out-of-reach-ness can feel frustrating, or even defeating. What you are craving is a sense of “Yes”, a sense of full-circle completion.

Are you sensitive to energy or often over-stimulated in social or media-filled settings? Think kids crying, the TV blaring, emails & Facebook notifications, the phone ringing and your iTunes your only saving grace tuning everything else out while you attempt to write some report. If this makes you cringe, then you are probably craving more simplicity in your life. More quality, meaning & peace. Sacred space.

When you are creating this feeling of sacred space, I highly recommend that you do an initial “unplug”.

  • Commit to a time, whether it be 10 minutes or 2 hours, a rhythm (like every day, or weekly, or every Tuesday and Thursday, etc). The idea here is that you are totally in YOUR space during this time. You are unavailable to the world during this time. Keep this time free and clear of any and all obligations or other requests for your attention from anyone.
  • Turn off all phones, computers, televisions, radios, and other electronics or even appliances.
  • If you can, go outside to a place where you feel connected (in any amount) to nature, to your inner being, to Spirit or source energy. Walk around or sit still, totally up to you. I often enjoy going for walks when I unplug.
  • Otherwise, go to this place in your mind. Feel it in your entire body. Just sit quietly for a little while. Take a deep breath and picture all of your worries stepping into another room for a bit.

More ways to create sacred space in your life:

  • Light a candle and simply stare at it.
  • Lie on your back in complete quiet stillness.
  • Have a “nothing” time of day. A time where you do: nothing.
  • Buy a newspaper and read ONLY the comics.
  • Take 10 sloooow deep breaths.
  • Clear your entire schedule for a day.
  • Clear all social commitments for a week. A month.
  • Say no to requests sometimes. Lots of times.
  • Find a decluttering rhythm. Clear stuff out daily, weekly, one drawer/shelf/pile/room at a time.
  • Make peace with someone.
  • Schedule and follow mealtimes. Consider it your royal feasting time.
  • Take a warm shower.
  • Completely unplug for 3 days.
  • Sit outside. Stare at the sky or a leaf.
  • Pet your dog, or other creature friends.
  • Get rid of your TV altogether.
  • Talk less. Listen more.
  • Make requests instead of complaints.

Do you have more ideas or experiences around creating sacred space in your life? Please share in the comments below! 

With Clarity,