Say that 5 times fast. =) “Painting Photo Shoot Session.”

I would like to thank our lovely local photographers Jolynn Redmond and Frank Henshaw for dropping in on today’s Creative Session at Guma’ Tasa. Lovely to see you both and invite you to experience the day from an artist’s perspective. Thanks for getting right in there, and then following me to my next project. My good friend Amanda was also there, she was making a Treasure Map, like a vision board (but a little more magic, lol). We had a ton of fun. Here are some photos I pulled from the day:


Only at Guma’ Tasa can you order a Tall Hot Sugar Daddy…


Vision Board Fun…
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Jolynn Redmond’s “Capture the Moment~ Photos by Jolynn” preview shots of today’s fun:




I had a ton of fun. Thank you also to Leah & Michael, for today’s Creative Session!

My paintings for the day:



I ended the day pretty well…


“And in other news… this is the cat that adopted us. I call him Tom, lol. He meows incessantly (part of his ploy to annoy us to the point of shoving food in his face for peace and quiet, I’m sure), but he’s grown on me. I find him almost charming now.”