Creative Spotlight: Golden Tree of Life

At the last Creative Session, I painted the background for this special piece. I blended a few layers of brown, green and blue in a sort of drip-like design. Took it home to dry, then noticed that the acrylic did it’s little thing where it dries and contracts, leaving surprise white spots hidden here and there. Filled those in with a few more colors. Then painted a gold tree, no leaves. It’s very branchy and rooty. Yes those are technical art terms.

This tree is special to me because it represents feeling grounded even in emptiness. It symbolizes a special kind of hope and patience, trusting that leaves and flowers and fruit will return. Trusting the process and allowing space for love to grow new creations. And that there is beauty in all stages of life. There is a golden light in every darkness.

DSC01741 DSC01742 DSC01743 DSC01746 DSC01752 DSC01777 DSC01783 DSC01789