This past week has been another creative whirlwind. My facebook status the other day read:

A busy week of living & learning. Enjoying time in the yard, playing soccer, climbing trees, identifying plants, eating yummy foods, boiling herbs, playing sudoku, reading National Geographic, watching movies and cartoons, practicing reading, writing & math, going surfing, painting, getting business finances in order, cleaning and organizing, going out for breakfast, networking & correspondence, secret agent games. Today we are running errands, then going to UOG to share my art experiences with middle schoolers, then we’ll join in the Garden Day festivities in the afternoon. The last couple days have been intense, with the boys being a little too much in each other’s faces, but we’ve navigated it pretty well so far with projects and gatherings and downtime. Just gotta move through it, take deep breaths, and ask for solutions. And when all else fails, get a chair and go sit under a tree by yourself for awhile, a very effective tool for shifting a bad mood (or a bad day for that matter). A shower helps too, lol. Love you all, we are heading into Mercury Retrograde (its already been taking an early effect the last week and a half though), so take things one step at a time, lots of deep breaths, don’t freak out by setbacks, trust, ask for solutions, BE KIND to those around you, live in your truth, nourish yourself.

Some photos from our journey:


Boys Jumping


Hibiscus in the yard


Being silly


Miracle plant


At Pika’s Cafe


Ylang Ylang flowers on the tree


Cardboard boxes never get old


Art in the classroom, demo


Boys waiting patiently in classroom


Garden Day fun, making GAK


Boys painting at Creative Session


Boys at the beach unwinding


Finding cool sticks and rocks, best kind of fun, lol!