How to restore your energy after a difficult day

DSC01755So even if life is generally great, we all have a tough day (or many) from time to time. Whatever the trigger or compounding factors that lead up to the overwhelm, frustration, or defeat, it usually leaves us feeling exhausted and confused. Someone said something insulting to you, traffic was really bad and set your whole day behind schedule, your sister bailed on you again, your friends are fighting and put you in the middle, that deal you’ve been working so hard on fell through, you are freaking out about paying bills, your back is hurting, and ARGHH! The day is crap. Now what??

First of all, whatever is stressing you, take a deep breath in, and slowly out. Do that a couple more times before entertaining any more thoughts of worry and doom. Step outside and get some fresh air. Put on your favorite calming or happy song. Roll your shoulders back a few times. Look up to the sky, breathe in the peace that surrounds you.

Bottom line, slow down a minute. Sometimes we are so busy, moving from one thing to the next, that when something doesn’t play out as planned, it sets of a chain reaction of stress. Give yourself more leeway. Breathe through each task. Give yourself an imaginary reset button, and PRESS IT.

Don’t beat yourself up (I’m so stupid, I should have known!), and take responsibility for your day (well, that is not what I intended, what can I do now to shift things?). Encourage yourself (don’t worry, we’ll get through this, we are doing the best we can).

Take more deep breaths.

Slow down. Believe it or not, things happen much quicker when I slow down. Clarity and deliberate action can make miracles. Sometimes we map out a million steps and tasks to get something done, and then charge forth trying to bust through it all, when it could really be much simpler. Sometimes slowing down, enjoying what’s around you and asking questions can take out a lot of those steps we think we have to get through.

“How can this be simpler?”

“How can this be easier?”

“What can I take off my plate?”

“What solutions have I not thought of yet?”

“What if there is a better possibility for how this works out?”

“What can I let go of?”

“Is there anyone who might be able to help with this?”

“How can we all win in this situation?”

“What do I really need right now?”

Take more deep breaths. Spend a few minutes in nature, just taking a moment to not be obligated to anything. Listen to your favorite feel-good music for 10 minutes. Get your body moving a bit, let that energy flow through you instead of swirling in your head making you feel crazy.

Take a shower, give yourself a body-scrub, a shoulder massage. Change your shirt and wash your face. Any of these simple rituals offer you a catalyst to change, to starting fresh, to shifting a crappy day into a better day.

Be gentle with yourself, give yourself a break! Slow down and begin again.

I love you, and wish you days full of rejuvenation!