Creative Spotlight: Photo-inspired Paintings

This painting came up as a side project, based on a photo by Fstop Guam Photography. All of the following paintings are inspired by the photos, and aren’t meant to be portrayed “accurately.” Because I say so. =) See original photo below painting.



This painting is titled Cherry Blossoms, and is based on a photo taken by Mark Scott. I’ve always loved these little flowers, and Mark recently shared a photo of them. This photo struck me as different, with a greenish warmth quality that I’ve been looking for to paint. See Mark’s photo below the painting. Although I don’t feel my painting did the photo justice (I didn’t capture the glowing contrast), here is my version of the Cherry Blossoms:

2014.03.10 Tree bloom (17)


This painting is inspired by a photo I came across on Pinterest, with no artist credited. I’ve seen this work before, but the artist’s name slips my mind, I will come back to add credit when I figure it out! I didn’t intend to recreate the piece in its likeness, I simply loved the feel of it, and the colors, so decided to do something different with a similar feel.




I am not really happy with the result of this painting, it didn’t capture the feel of the photo that I was inspired by. The photo was found on Pinterest, photographer unknown. I painted in a different technique, that doesn’t really match the photo style/feel. Plus the green threw it off. I am still satisfied that I attempted this one, and if you never saw the original photo I was inspired by, you might think it looks fine. Basically, it became its own piece. I might work more on this one.




I am happy with this piece. I took a little bit different style from the original photo, but I like how it became its own piece, in my own way. This piece feels calm, cool, relaxing. The photo was also found on Pinterest, photographer unknown. Beautiful photo though!