Creative Spotlight: Sirena the Mermaid

Sirena, a famous mermaid legend here on Guam, has decided to make her presence on my canvas. She is the young girl who loved the sea so much she would spend most her days there, and would often forget her chores that her mother and godmother assigned her. One day she forgot about some important family duties and her mother declared a “curse” on her, that the next time she went in the sea, she would turn into a fish and stay there forever. Sirena had a love so deep, that she remained in both worlds, and became half fish, half woman, a mermaid, so that she could come back and visit her family above the water, while her truth kept the rest of her under water, where her heart thrived in joy. Read more about the legend HERE.

I wrote this poem to accompany Sirena on the canvas:


Calling you back to the sea
To indulge in the Mystery
Of life, of stories, of wonder
Of adventures deep down under
What does your heart desire
Let the sea cool your passionate fire
Let go, let go, let go
Let Sirena remind you
What you already know
About ease, of love, of effortless flow
Let go, let go, let go.

Mermaid Tale