Finger Painting Madness, Bubble Magic, Beach Day & New Moon Wishes

So I am admittedly one of those artist moms who is squeamish about her own kids’ messes. It is rare that my kids get to indulge in messy fun kid stuff, and when it happens, it’s outside. With a tarp. And a hose. And towels, cleaning spray, a mop, okay okay just kidding, I’m not *that* crazy. But pretty close. So we (dear friend Amanda and I) decided to let the kids have a finger painting day. It quickly turned into a foot-painting, and then whole body painting frenzy. Madness I tell you. But they had a blast.

We also had the kids make wish boards on the Aries new moon. Their wishes were awesome. A lot of toys, a unicorn, to be a princess, a treasure chest, to fly, and the list goes on.

The past few days my boys have rediscovered the bubbles stash in the closet, and have been making all kinds of bubble magic since. We went to the beach too.

Here are photos from the finger painting madness and the bubble magic sessions:

DSC04170 DSC04160 DSC04149 DSC04137 DSC04130 DSC04120 DSC04023 DSC04020 DSC04019 DSC04018 DSC04017 DSC04015 DSC04014 DSC04013 DSC04012 DSC04005 DSC04007 DSC04008 DSC04011 DSC04003 DSC04002 DSC04001 DSC04000 DSC03995 DSC03996 DSC03997 DSC03998 DSC03994 DSC03993 DSC03990 DSC04176 DSC03988