Just Start! Here’s how to get (and keep) your creative momentum going.

Creative Energy

1. ) Recognize your awesomeness. You are awesome, complete with all your trials, tribulations, successes, failures, learning experiences, weaknesses, strengths, opportunities missed and taken. Acknowledge the awesomeness of you, others, and your world and all the gifts you have to give, and are grateful to receive.

Canvas Studio2.) Be curious. ASK QUESTIONS. Especially the question “Why?” Why do you do what you do? What makes you happy? What fills you with joy and peace and love? Who are you? Who do you choose to be? How do you choose to be? Who do you love? What is important to you? How do you spend your time and energy? What are your dominant thoughts and emotions?

3.) Set the mood. Think senses: your favorite music, foods, colors, scents, clothes, hygiene, physical movement, environment, decor, space, connections & relationships. Make it fun and feel good to create!

4.) FACE YOUR CREATIVITY AND JUST BEGIN. Just start writing. Pick up the paint brush, dip it in some paint, and put it on the canvas. Make those calls. Organize that one drawer. Envision and sketch the first design. Let it be messy. BREATHE and move forward. One. Step. At. a. Time.

5.) Rest. Nourish yourself. Your mind, your body, your soul.

6.) Begin again at #1. You are awesome. Be inspired. Ask questions. Awaken your senses. Take action. Rest. Begin again.

7.) To confirm number one, and to inspire you, watch this 16 minute video now, Neil Pasricha: The 3 A’s of awesome