Creative Staycation on Guam: Our Hotel Retreat

When the weekend was over, we decided to begin it again by starting our 2-day hotel stay at the Guam Reef. The room stay was part of partial trade worked into the art commission project I did for the hotel lobby, an example of how you can get creative with your business and life transactions. Sometimes we can’t always exchange money, but we can exchange resources that are of value to us. It’s a win-win situation.

My boys were super excited, they love the little details that come along with staying in a hotel. Mostly who gets to press the elevator buttons, who gets to swipe the card to open the door to the room, and we all love inspecting the little toiletries in the bathroom. We stayed on the 17th(!!!) floor, so we had an amazing view. It did freak me out a few times looking way down over that balcony.

We spent our time relaxing in the room, taking bubble baths (I think Kenny took like 4 or 5 bubble baths!) in the big deep tub, walking down to the beach and the pool area, visiting with friends, eating, eating, and more eating.

The sunsets were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.L.Y. epic!

On the 2nd day my older son came down with a fever. Of course! Just to give me an extra challenge in staying positive and affirming my resolve to enjoy our stay. So we spent more time in the room resting, which was fine. There were a whole bunch of things I thought we would do that we didn’t, and I am totally okay with that. The whole plan was to have no plan, thank goodness, because I would have been quite disappointed at not meeting those would-have-been expectations.

There was much learning and living during this stay. I love seeing the boys try to read the things they see when we are out: menus, elevator labels, words on the room key, rules at the pool, etc. They had a ton of questions, and I had some too. We had to do a lot of creative problem solving to figure when the best time to go to the pool, beach, and restaurant. It was fun navigating the details. And sometimes it was really challenging meeting each of our needs and working together so we could each enjoy ourselves.

So overall, it was great. I am feeling good to be back home now though.

Oh, and it’s MAY! A new month. And lots of Taurus energy, which feels good. Slow, steady, grounded. Progressing forward. Enjoying earthly luxuries. The eclipsing energy we are in, definitely intense, cleared some crud out for me, that’s for sure. Whew, feels like a fresh new start now. Aries was fun, and I’m ready for more of the Taurus energy to flow now.

Here are photos from our Creative Staycation here on Guam:

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