Hafa adai (“hoffa-day,” or hello from Guam)!

My name is Michelle Janean Pier, and I am an artist and creative entrepreneur, bringing you a fusion of original artwork, creative inspiration, & events.

Born and raised on Guam, my inspiration mostly comes from nature, such as deep mysterious jungles, peaceful beaches, wild waves, native plants, moonlit seas, golden sun rays emerging through storm clouds, ancient latte stone sites, sacred patterns, and the energy that connects us all.

I show my love for life through artwork and  writing about my life experiences, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. I appreciate the dark, the light, and every color in the spectrum of life. My art holds a lot of movement, texture, emotion, & life force energy on canvas.

More about me and my art HERE



I’m on Patreon!

I invite you to follow and support my journey on Patreon, a platform that allows me to continue to create in a sustainable way.

Flipping the creator paradigm: As an artist, a lot of potentially creative time to put out new works and help others do the same, is spent on the business and marketing side of things. Patreon flips the paradigm, and allows creators to get paid TO create and share that creativity with others. Selling the finished work is a bonus. Art is not a commodity, it is considered a luxury item, and therefore sales are unpredictable. So a huge amount of time is spent on marketing and strategic planning.

I would LOVE to just give my art freely, share the process at events, in schools, and organizations. I have to turn down a lot of requests for school visits and charity events, because of time and money. If every one of my Instagram followers (3000+) were supporting at just the $1/month level, my bills would be 100% covered, and I can then give my time and creativity more freely. I want to spend more time sharing my story with the youth, so that they can be inspired to pursue their passions and careers in a way that also sustains them. I want to offer free art classes to those who can’t afford it. I want to help more people realize their own creativity, which builds confidence and spreads more joy and peace across the world, one person at a time.  

Rewards that you receive: As a Patron, you can subscribe starting at only $1/month and upwards from there depending on the level you are able and willing to invest and sponsor.

  • You receive instant exclusive access to art giveaways,
  • access to behind-the-scenes photos and videos of my creative process (like the one above) and of my adventures on Guam and traveling abroad.
  • Patrons also get first views and purchasing dibs on new original artworks,
  • PLUS Patron Pricing of 30% off all original artworks,
  • and more.

And the bottom line, you also get to support an artist’s dream to spread more art and creativity through the world, which supports the creative arts at the community and even global level. 

How your support makes a difference: On my Patreon page, I share what my goals are, and how your support is being utilized. One of my goals is to share the gift of creativity with as many people as possible, wherever I go.

Specifically, I want to do more outreach with our local schools here on Guam. I’m going to begin visiting one school at a time, and do painting demos while having open discussions with the students and teachers about what the creative atmosphere is like in their school. I want to know what can be improved, what solutions are needed, and how I can help implement some of those creative solutions. You can sponsor these goals at different levels. 

As time goes on, my goals may evolve, but I know that I can help make the world a better (more creative) place, where people find fulfillment through what they love, and don’t have to react and struggle through life out of fear, desperation and crisis. We can all create sustainability together. 

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