Full Moon Photo Journal Recap of Adventures & Inspirations

A photo journal of the last month’s adventures, life milestones, inspirations, random shenanigans, errands, creative projects, and scenic moments. A story in imagery from one full moon to the next!

Colorful Mother’s Day Retreat

Sharing some highlights from a lovely day with mamas. Mimosas, massage, delicious foods, henna, belly casting, belly dancing, music, artsy mandalas, doodling, singing, oh, and organic root beer floats with cappuccino rum say what?! SO freakin yummy.

Creative Henna Hair Color & Body Art

Henna is an awesome herbal hair treatment for conditioning and coloring without using toxic chemicals. Henna is a plant, used for hair dye or as a body art “paint.” It lasts on the skin and hair a few weeks to a month or two depending on individual’s skin and hair type and the henna paste …