Taotaomo’na Tree & Golden Moon Reflection Paintings SOLD & in their new space!

My favorite part of creating art for sale, is seeing the painting in its new home. The Taotaomo’na Tree and Golden Moon Reflection paintings joined each other in “their” new condo. 😉 Here are the paintings in the studio, and now in their new space.

Full Moon Photo Journal Recap of Adventures & Inspirations

A photo journal of the last month’s adventures, life milestones, inspirations, random shenanigans, errands, creative projects, and scenic moments. A story in imagery from one full moon to the next!

Happy Birthday to Me and a “What Makes You Come Alive” Painting Giveaway!

On my birthday, December 12th, I decided to celebrate by giving away a small painting. This 6″x8″ piece is called “Alive” and I posted a picture of it, with this wordage: Today is my birthday! In celebration, I’d like to give away a painting!  This is a small piece, it is 6″x8″ acrylic on stretched canvas …

6th Luna Festival set for Sunday October 26th at Jeff’s Pirates Cove

So far so good in all the Luna Festival preparations, things are lining up and ready for fun this Sunday. Wondering what the Luna Festival is? Here is a little video that gives an idea: Post by Acoustic Attack Guam. Here are some of the things you can expect at this year’s Luna Festival: Current …