12/12 Birthday Vortex event at Creative Indeed art studio

12/12 Birthday Vortex: Mission complete!!! A ton of fun was had, creative artisans from our badass Guam community of entrepreneurs pursuing their passions and sharing it with others, it was a perfect evening. I wouldn’t change a thing (except maybe an extra working AC, since it got sooooo hot with so many people and only …

Commissioned to recreate smaller version of Reflections of Peace painting

From time to time, I get commissioned to recreate a certain painting, either with a different color scheme, size, or other feature from the original. I recently painted the “Reflections of Peace” painting, and was asked to recreate a smaller version. Here is the recreated painting, from start to finish, including its new home:          

Latest Artwork: Reflections of Peace acrylic painting

After a few commission projects, I was itching to paint what was in my mind and heart. This piece, “Reflections of Peace,” created itself in the moment, I didn’t have a complete image in my mind when I started, but it came together as I played with the paint. Here are photos of the process …

Twin Latte Stones Commission Painting

A recent commission piece I did for a client (who is now officially a collector!) is a latte stone painting, representing his twin daughters. This is the third painting I’ve done for this amazing client of mine, and honored to fill his wall with meaningful art! Painting is 24″x30″ acrylic on stretched canvas. Here are …

Art of Living Creative Session for EMC Cancer Foundation Retreat

Had a full group of 25 participants in my Creative Session today for the EMC Calvo Foundation’s Cancer Circle of Care Retreat at the Westin. The focus is on health, hope and healing through the holidays. My session was called The Art of Living, and every participant did an amazing job in allowing themselves to …

Creative Indeed Art Studio Renovations & Opening

Studio has been renovated over the last few months, and I had my soft opening at the beginning of October. The grand opening will be December 10th. Here are photos of the renovation process. All that is left to do is install the flooring, some window treatments, and some basic decor.

Paintings Inspired by the Beautiful Flame Trees on Guam

I was recently inspired by the season of flame trees in full bloom here on Guam. Truly a sight to see, these vibrant red and orange flowers will demand your attention and invite your appreciation for such beauty. As I drove by a particularly amazing flame tree in Hagatna, I knew that it would be …

Latest Creation: Purple Tree Goddess

Catching a break between commission work, I decided to paint an image that has been marinating in my mind’s eye for some time now. The Purple Tree Goddess image is one the represents the rich strength of nature, and that the energy that runs through the trees is the same energy that runs through us. …

Making of Sirena: Mascot Sculpture for 2016 Electric Island Festival (EIF)

The 2016 Electric Island Festival commissioned me to create their event mascot sculpture, a mermaid, or “Sirena.” I recruited Addison Moyer to help me build an industrial style sculpture, consisting of mostly rebar and chicken wire.       

Black and White Divine Mother Commission Painting

The Divine Mother painting commissions continue! This one is especially unique because it is done in only black, white, and gold paint for a modern style finish for my client’s new office. This piece is a 16″x20″ acrylic on stretched canvas, and to follow are photos and videos of the painting process.

A Starfish Commission Painting in the Making!

Commission complete! A starfish was requested, now it’s time to sign, seal and deliver. This was a really fun piece. I got to play with my new palette knives to create that blended impasto look for the background. Metallic blue and gold were also used in this painting. 30″x30″ acrylic on stretched canvas.

Blouin ArtInfo Feature: From Welfare to Thriving Artist: Guam’s Michelle Pier on Becoming “Creative Indeed”

GUAM art on BLOUIN ARTINFO, whaat?! Huge thank you to Robert Michael Poole from Blouin Artinfo, top international art magazine, for writing up this article, and giving the world some awareness about Guam and my personal story of going from struggling to thriving artist! I’m so honored to be able to share, and to keep …

The Making of  a Golden Goddess Painting

Time for some sponge action to create a full-textured Golden Goddess painting commission, inspired by the original Life Force paintings I did a couple years back. This piece was commissioned through the Divine Mother fundraiser campaign to open my art studio. Here’s a play-by-play of the sponging action and close-ups on the textures.